Marie Angeletti

February 14 – May 17, 2015
37 rue de Longvic, 21000 Dijon

Curated by Anne Pontégnie

Marie Angeletti (born in 1984 in Marseille) uses photography with the flexibility caracterizing the digital flow of images, and a fluidity resulting from different ways of living.
Images she captured, composed, stole, retouched, are at the crossroad of two directions.
One of them is analytical and aesthetic, and explore the way art travels and is consumed under all its shaped, from the more institutional to the more wild. The other, more living, accounts for a daily stroll looking for the meeting point of the individual and the collective.
The invitation of Le Consortium has been the occasion of extremely summarize some of Angeletti’s projects from the past few years, projects looking for situations she invested to seek a mutual transformation. Among those, there is Hotel 11 a bis, she used a London hotel she transformed into a theatre, before installing, in a spontaneously way, images she had been taken into it. It’s by accident she’ll figuring out that the hotel, then her artwork also, have been destroyed soon after. An alien twist and continuation with consequences we find in Fabricant Couleurs also. Invited by the owner of a french and chinese painting factory, Angeletti went met the factory’s employees art that they have been make during their free time and she organises in the factory, an exhibition where she mixed her images and theirs. This borders subversion is to make a seamless space, where the entire life and images are crossing to each other, badly according with the stable space of the exhibiton. However it’s also this kind of break moments which allows to emerge the singularity of Angeletti’s look fascinated by the crossing of the animate to the inanimate, by the co-existence of the wonderful and of the monstrous, by the simultaneous looming of the difference and of the repetition.

Anne Pontégnie

— Marie Angeletti,
Crandford Collection 04 & 05
(Centres d’art, musées, galeries & varia)

— Marie Angeletti,
Fabricants Couleurs (Edition Patrick Frey)