The Consortium Museum bookstore designed by Matali Crasset, 2018 - Photo ©Antoine Espinasseau.


Publishing and producing books are parallel activities that document and further exhibition projects. To achieve this mission, Les Presses du Réel, a limited liability company, was created in 1992 as a satellite activity of Le Consortium. It endeavors to publish contemporary art as well as 20th century’s historical, modernist avant-gardes. Monographs published in multi-editions, exhibition catalogs, writings by artists, unpublished documents and historical documents that have never been republished are all part of its mission. Les Presses du Réel has also formed its own distribution structure, which ensures a greater independence and autonomy.
An increasing number of independent publishers entrust Les Presses du Réel with the commercialization of their books, such as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) in Geneva, the Museum of Fine Arts in Nantes, or JRP/Ringier editions in Zurich. 

Les presses du réel