Nouveaux commanditaires New Patrons

Oscar Tuazon, "Un Pont"(2010/2016). Pin douglas et béton. 23 x 10 x 9 m. Photo Emilien Deloche.


Le Consortium operates through its Art et Société department to develop its Nouveaux commanditaires (New Patrons) initiative launched by the Fondation de France through the action of an intermediary vetted by the Fondation de France for their reputed integrity and intricate knowledge of contemporary art.

“To bring society and its artists closer together, and give art some use value by anchoring it in issues that directly concern all citizens”

This initiative allows citizens confronted with societal challenges or land-planning development to commission artworks from contemporary artists, to associate them with their concerns.

Nearly eighty commissions have already been produced, from individual pieces intended for museums to groups of artworks developed throughout the Burgundy region and Grand Est (Greater East) area.
Paintings, sculptures, lightings, architectures, landscapes, stained glass, movies have been created by artists such as Patrick Berger, Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, Didier Marcel, Yan Pei Ming, Oscar Tuazon, Christopher Wool or Rémy Zaugg for universities, hospitals, public spaces, churches, or the conception with Shigeru Ban of the Canal of Burgundy visitors center in Pouilly-en-Auxois.

Les Nouveaux Commanditaires - New Patrons

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