CONSORTIUM CATALOGUE PERPÉTUEL n°1, juin 2018. 22x28cm. 200 pages couleur. 10 euros


The Catalogue Perpétuel (Eternal Catalog) is a biannual publication whose first issue has been presented on the occasion of L’Almanach 18 in June 2018. It documents Le Consortium’s exhibitions at home and abroad as well as the concerts of Consortium Music, Les presses du réel’s publications and Anna Sanders Films’s recent productions. 
It also provides an opportunity to revisit Le Consortium’s archive from the last forty years. 
Issue nº1, June 2018, 200-page in French and English, 22 x 28 cm – 10 €


CONSORTIUM CATALOGUE PERPÉTUEL n°2, parution décembre 2018.


The second issue of Consortium Museum's Catalogue Perpétuel (Eternal Catalog) is out. It documents the recent L'Almanach 18 exhibition as well as the two previous chapters of this biennial exhibition.