L'Almanach 16
Alessandro Pessoli, Angela Bulloch, Ashley Bickerton, Auguste Pointelin, Claude Rutault, Didier Vermeiren, Georges Pelletier, Julia Wachtel, Laura Owens, Lucy McKenzie, Mathieu Malouf, Peter Wächtler, Pierre Joseph, Raphaël

Consortium Museum
Curated by Xavier Douroux, Franck Gautherot, Seungduk Kim, Stephanie Moisson, Anne Pontégnie, Eric Troncy

L’Almanach is an international biennial exhibition founded in 2014 at Le Consortium Museum. L’Almanach 16 is the second installment. The firm intent for this biennial was to not lend it any specific theme and to trust the viewers’ perception of the twelve solo propositions designed by the artists and curators and the specific vision they offered for today’s contemporary art.

Ashley Bickerton
Angela Bulloch

Shirley Jaffe

Pierre Joseph

Tobias Madison

Mathieu Malouf

Lucy McKenzie

Laura Owens

Eduardo Paolozzi

Georges Pelletier

Alessandro Pessoli

Auguste Pointelin

Raphaël (d'après)

Claude Rutault 

Lee Seung Taek

Didier Vermeiren

Julia Wachtel

Peter Wächtler